About Finance Directorate at Mamo Mezemir Campus

Nowadays the finance department of a firm has a broad range of roles to undertake inside and outside its business and carries large responsibilities especially in fields such as “Shareholder Value” which is increasingly gaining in importance.

The essay focuses on traditional responsibilities such as financial accounting, payroll, estimating and handling cash in- and outflow thus managing liquidity. The second part analyses the newer roles like management accounting, strategy involvement, management information systems, financial analysis and the broader range of responsibilities in the finance department. Finally, a review of the roles and responsibilities will be undertaken to evaluate the importance of the finance department.

  • Compliance with accounting and financial standards and consolidation of financial data
  • Ensuring the proper execution of strategic planning processes
  • The profitability of the company through its ability to maximize profits
  • The solvency of the company based on its ability to repay its loans and debts
  • Good management of the company’s cash flow
  • The coordination of all the financial actors around the company: suppliers, legal and administrative advisors, tax services.