Public Health

Public Health Department

  • The department of public health is one of the progressively growing departments in Ambo University, college of medicine and health sciences. It has established since 2010.┬á It has a total of over 50 academic staffs (over 10 female and around 40 male). Currently, the department of public health is strongly working on teaching process by running undergraduate& postgraduate program (regular and extension), conducting problem-solving research, and providing community services by working in collaboration with different indigenous and international stakeholders. The department is serving the community by equipping students using community-based education (DTTP, TTP, CBTP and Student Research).


  • Currently, the department comprises of four main clusters namely Health Care Management, Epidemiology &Biostatistics, Reproductive Health &Nutrition, and Public Health Intervention. There are four satellite to teach masterÔÇÖs program at weekend that are Main Campus, Holota, Waliso and Gulalle (Addis Ababa). More than 600 undergraduate and more than 250 postgraduate students have been graduated since its establishment.┬á It started postgraduate program in 2017 with general MPH and now it adds three additional specialties (MPH in epidemiology, RH and Nutrition). Moreover, the department plans to open different masterÔÇÖs level specialties, for instance it has designed a curriculum for MPH in biostatistics and MPH in occupational health). At PhD level, it has planned to launch PhD in Public Health and other public Health specialties.