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It gives me prodigious pleasure to welcome you to the website of Ambo Universityā€™s (AU) Institute of Education and Behavioral Sciences. As Dean, I am pleased to say that Institute of Education and Behavioral Sciences (IEBS) is a vibrant learning institute in which instructors and students engage in effective teaching and learning, scientific inquiry and community engagement on a regular basis. Our institute endeavors to create conducive learningĀ  environment in which all students are given the support they require to realize their unique potential and develop the creativity and resilience required for a successful career in education. Besides, we are highly committed to providing education and training programs for our instructors continuous professional development.

We genuinely believe that education is a social determinant of many aspects of our lives, including health/nutrition, justice, community development, and economic stability. Hence, our major objective is to provide students with skills, knowledge, and attitude that serveĀ  them as a tool to achieve their intent of becoming teachers, educational leaders, development agentseducators, and researchers and at the same time acquire social determinants of many aspects of life. Consequently, we offer a variety ofĀ  Read more…

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Scholarship Facility

Ambo University Institute of Education and Behavioral Science Provide Scholarship for Academicians

Skilled Lecturers

Community Based TeachingĀ  and Training to enhance their skill.

Book Library & e-Resource

Ambo University establishes Digital Library & e-Resource for all Campuses.

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