Research Activities

The Office of Research and community services, IEBS, is doing its best to involve staff in research and community service activities. As a result, four (4) research proposals were reviewed and approved in 2015 E.C. These research projects are still in progress today. On November 4, 2022 (25/02/2015 E.C), the Institute reviewed research proposals with the university senate standing committee for research, community service, and IEBS staff. Accordingly, 4 (four) new and ongoing research projects initiated in 2015 E.C with the name of researchers, name of funder and total budget including photos are described below

S/N Research Titles Name of researchers Name of funder Total budget
1. Role Of School Libraries in Enhancing Information Literacy in Secondary Schools of West And South-West Shewa Zone 1. Mr. Jemal Shuku

2. Mr. Yetagesu Regasa

Ambo University 82,489
2. Assessment of Parental Involvement in Preschool Children’s Education: The Case of Westand South-West Shoa Zone 1.      Mr. Tolosa Seifu

2.      Dr. Natnael Terefe

3.      Dr. Ejigu Olana

Ambo University 85,054.20
3. Assessing the quality of preschool teachers’ in the case of West Shew and South West Shewa Zones 1.      Mr. Mitiku Zeleke

2.      Mr. Fayisa Mulisa

3.      Mr. Leul Yanore

Ambo University 84,746.2
4. The Practices, Challenges and Opportunities of Workplace Learning in Education Offices of South West Shoa and West Shoa Zones of Oromia Region, Ethiopia 1.Mr.Dereje Alembirhan

2.Dr. Million Tadese

3. Takele Kebede

Ambo University 80,440


The photos that are shown below is taken at IEBS during the research proposal review

Research proposals review at IEBS, November 4, 2022