About Psychology

Welcome To Psychology

The Department of Psychology at Ambo University was established in the year 2011 as one of the department under the Institute of Education and Professional Studies with the overall objective of producing professionals, who can apply principles of Psychology to alleviate human problems, conduct research on psychology related issues and provide community service on pertinent areas to the field. But it is under the Institute of Education and Behavioral Sciences since 2015/16.

The department has been running a BA and MA program for regular. In the past five plus years more than 300 students are graduated in regular program from the department. The graduates are working in different regions and sectors on varied fields; and many of them are MA students in Ethiopia and abroad. Recently, the department has been running three postgraduate programs namely MA in Industrial/Organizational psychology, MA in  Social psychology and MA in Educational Psychology.

In both levels, the department of psychology aimed to produce well equipped and trained professionals who applies principles, concepts, theories and practices of psychology and thereby meet the demands of governmental, nongovernmental, and private agencies; to carry out quality research on various psychological, educational and, social problems of the community and; to provide the necessary public services to individuals, institutions, and groups regarding problems and issues pertaining to the field of psychology. In order to do so, the needs of different resources and facilities are beyond doubt. Accordingly, to run the program,   psychology department outfitted itself with   qualified academicians with various academic statuses. In addition to teaching and learning process, the department has been conducting so many solution-based community service researches and projects