Educational Planning and Management

Overview of Department of Educational Planning and Management

The department of Educational Planning and Management is one of the departments established in the institute of Education and Behavioral Sciences at Ambo Universityin 1998 E. C. The department was the only department of the institute, or mother department,Ā  which was establishedĀ  with the nameĀ  ā€œPedagogical Sciences and Educational Leadershipā€ in 2000 E. C. It was running only Educational Planning and Management in regular and summer degree programs at Institution level. Ā Hence, the department contributed a lot in producing qualified educational leaders and managers who have served at different echelons of the sector in the country. The department embraces the mission and core goals of the university and the institute, seeking to prepare leaders and managers forĀ  schools at different levels in particular, and education institutions and communities in general.

In addition to undergraduate program in Educational Planning and Management,the department inaugurated postgraduate (MA) program in Educational Leadership and Management in 2009 E.C ( 2016/17) in Educational Leadership and Management at the Masterā€™s level in regular, in weekend and summer programs and in 2010E.CĀ  MA in School Leadership summer Ā programs.

Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  Since its establishment, the department produced 946 first degree graduates (294 in regular and663 in summer);96 primary school supervisors in certificate (PGCPSS), 150 school leadership diplomas; 90 females for primary school principalship in certificate. Since the commencement of postgraduate in MA program in Educational Leadership and Management in 2016/17, the department trained more than 150 in 2nd degree in its all post graduate programs. Furthermore, the department has expanded its program to the PhD level in Educational leadership Policy studies since 2014 E. C.

The vision ofĀ Ā  the departmentĀ  is to become Centre of excellence in Ethiopia in particular and Africa and the world in general in teaching, research and community service in the areas of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. The department strives to prepare, through meaningful and relevant coursework and field experiences, confident, skilled, and reflective leaders of education who are critical creative thinkers, effective communicators, advocates for diverse learners, life-long learners, and stewards of the profession. The department seeks to inspire those who pursue careers in educational leadership to value learning as well as the learner as they serve in their roles as competent, caring, and committed educators who make a difference.