Community Service

I addition to research activities, the staff has participated in a variety of community service activities. The IEBS staffs have been supporting schools and various organizations in western and southwest shows zones. In addition, on March 16, 2023 (7/07/2015 E.C.), two community service proposals were reviewed. Accordingly, the information concerning community service activities is presented below;

S/N Community service project Name of community service initiator Name of funder Total budget Remark
1. Creating awareness on various social affairs ( Family, Education, Love, Child and adolescent development, etc) on FM Haacaaluu 96.4 MZ 1.      Dr. Ejigu Olana

2.      Fayisa Mulisa (Assit. Prof)

2. Providing training to parents on topics like parenting, family support, and marriage and family issues 1.      Dr. Ejigu Olana MKC Child Development Project


3. Enhancing Skills of Teaching Children With Hard of Hearing in General Classroom 1.      Bacha Mitiku

2.      Teshale Kebede


Ambo University 50, 490 Birr Approved, but not yet started
4. Capacity Building and Advocating Educational Development Led by Inclusive Education


1.      Dr. Mengistu Debele

2.      Tashale Kebede

Ambo University 52,690 Birr Approved, but not yet started

Community Service proposal review, March 16, 2023 (7/07/2015 E.C