Welcome To Institute of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Institute of Education and Behavioural Sciences (IEBS) is one the leading Institutes in conducting teaching-learning, research and community service at Ambo University. The IEBS has gone through different phases of transformations. Primarily it was established in 2006 (1998 E.C.) as the department of Pedagogical Science and Educational Leaders and following the structural reform through Business Process Reengineering (BPR), the department was upgraded to the Institute of Education and Professional Studies in 2009 (2002 E.C.) and came to the current Institute of Education and Behavioural Science in 2014 (2007 E.C.). Accordingly, the ‘mother department’ in the foundation of IEBS; the Department of Pedagogical Science and Educational Leaders changed to its recent name Department of Educational Planning and Management/EdPM/ since 2009 (2002 E.C.).  Following the need assessment conducted by the institute to launch demand driven academic programs; the Department of Adult Education and Community Development/AECD/ and the Department of Psychology were established in 2010 (2003 E.C.). Through time, the Institute has expanded its programs and established the Department of Teacher Education and the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education/ECCE/ in 2014 (2007 E.C.). Further, the Department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education was launched in 2015 (2008 E.C.). The IEBS is currently one of the well-established Institutes in the university that offers different educational programs, conduct various researches as well as engaged in various community services in the areas of education as well as behavioural science. It is contributing to the development of the country in terms of producing trained manpower in various fields; who could work as Educational Administrators/Leaders, Adult Educators and Community Developers, Psychologists, Primary and Secondary Teachers, Early Childhood Care and Education Experts, and Special Needs/Inclusive Education Experts at undergraduate and graduate levels that could be employed in different Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations. Accordingly, the enrolments of students in different departments of IEBS are increasing from time to time in regular, summer and weekend programs.