Academic Programs and Development Directorate

The office of the Academic Directorate Director has taken the role to lead all academic and academic-related matters. The office is working aggressively to produce qualified, competent, and socially responsible professionals to realize the goals and ultimately the mission of the University.

Main Activities

  • Develops different guidelines and policies for academic programs;
  • Proposes the opening/ closing of academic programs in consultation with colleges/institutes/schools;
  • Plans and organizes trainings that increase professional efficiency of academic staff;
  • Organizes statistical data of the academic staff and students based on qualification organizational structure, etc.;
  • Oversees and follow up the allocation and appropriate functioning of laboratories, workshops, class rooms and libraries, and ensure that optimum use is made of them and accurate records of such utilizations are maintained;
  • Monitors the implementation of the different guidelines and policies developed for academic programs;
  • Coordinates academic plans and programs for improvement and expansion of the University;
  • Assesses the availability of required facilities and materials to determine the intake capacity of the University;
  • Organizes Academic Resource Development Centre (ARDC) and coordinate and administer its activities;
  • Plans and implements different projects to strengthen the ARDC and its activities;
  • Evaluates the efficiency of colleges/institutes/schools and establish and implement a system for reward, remuneration or special consideration;
  • Evaluates and recommends best instructor(s) of the year to the senate for reward, remuneration or special consideration;
  • Plans academic human power need and facilitate the fulfillment through employment, transfer or other mechanisms;
  • Ensures proper production and utilizations of Audio, visual and audio-visual materials for the learning-teaching core process;
  • Centrally coordinates the learning resource demand of the different colleges/institutes/schools and plan different activities to meet their needs.

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Lemessa Asefa Eressa (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Physics, Department of Physics, College of Natural &
Computational Science, Ambo University.
Office Phone:+251 112 36 3 536
Mobile: +251911073773
Ambo, Ethiopia.

Responsible Staff: Lemessa Asefa (PhD)

Academic Programs Director Contact Information s

+251 112 36 3 536/ +2519110737