Community Service Directorate

Community service Directorate

Message of the Director

The Community Services Directorate of Ambo University is under the auspices of the Vice President for Research and Community services, executing its activity based on the mandate given by Higher Institution Proclamation No. 1152/2019 article 4 sub-articles 4, which state, Community service as the third mission of all higher education institutions in Ethiopia in addition to teaching and conducting research.

The office is engaged in facilitating the provision of need based quality short term trainings, consultancy/professional services in different thematic areas and execute demand-driven development projects in a professional and innovative manner to address the need of the community in collaboration with industries, various government sectors, local communities, MSc students and social institutions (Figure1). The Community services so far provided in Ambo University are demand driven, problem solving and aimed at knowledge transfer and contribute to poverty reduction in the community. The community service activities provided for different stakeholders in our university by different Campuses, Colleges, Institute and school (Table 1):

Table showing community services activities in 2014/2015

Community services activities Number of projects/activities
TRN/ Training 45
CNS/ Consultancy 5
OSR/ Outreach Services 2
OPG/ Outreach Programs 1
OPR /Outreach Projects 24
RSO/ Research Outputs 2
OTS /Other Knowledge-based Services 2
Total 77


Responsible Staff: Siraj Mamo (PhD)