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Ambo University Library

Ambo University library is one of the most essential and notable academic part of the university. Ambo University library was established  in 2009. Ambo University Library (AUL) is commissioned to promote the instructional, research, and public service goals of the entire university community through the expert provision of information. AUL gives services to supply information for scientific research and education to the members of the academic community. AUL serve the fullest extent possible to supports the institutions in their continuing mission to provide users with access to a range of services and content that supports their teaching, learning and research.

The library is reported a million items in its collection. This collection is said to 30,000 volumes of books and other documents. The library also has a dissertation and theses collection on different colleges and institutes. In addition, the library building in AU are a means to address the current highest ever student enrollment and to make available adequate space both for bringing collections and ICT infrastructures. The AUL acquires books, journals, articles, magazines, electronics materials and other documents required for undergraduate and postgraduate level teaching and research through procurement and donations.


To be the leading and preferable academic library in the country and recognized research based library for promoting academic and research excellence in East Africa.


To provide appropriate, efficient, effective and intuitive library and information service to acquire, manage, and provide information resources to support for teaching, learning and research activities through rendering users based library and information services as well as acquiring relevant of information resources to the users.

Library facilities and Services

  •  Loan services
  • Inter-library loan/documentary service
  • Reference and periodical services
  • Computer and internet services
  • Information literacy
  • Book store service
  • Binding service
  • Special need service
  • Training and consultancy service
    • Koha integrated library management system
    • Dspace for digital library and institutional repository.
    • Cataloguing and classification
    • Basic computer Training
    • E-resources
    • Reference management tools (Mendeley, Zotero and EndNote)

Ambo University Library Official Website links

Ambo University Library Systems

Ambo university digital library 

The digital information on this system is collected purposely to support academic activities of our university.  We therefore invite you to explore, discover and enjoy this knowledge from  our Digital Library using the following address.

Ambo university institutional library

Ambo University Institutional Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization’s legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication. Therefore, you can access thesis and dissertation that has been done by Ambo University Researchers.   Please use  this link

Online Public Access catalogue (OPAC)

Ambo university online public access catalogue (OPAC) is an online bibliographic database of materials held by Ambo University library. Users search a library catalogue by author, title, subject heading and any keyword. Please use this link


  • Subscribed Journals
  • Open Access (OA)
    • OA Repository
    • OA Journals

Branch Libraries

  1. Ambo University Main Library
  2. Ambo university social science library
  3. Ambo university medicine and health science library
  4. Ambo University law library
  5. Ambo University Hachalu Hundessa campus library
  6. Ambo University Mammo Mazemir Gudar campus library
  7. Ambo university Waliso campus library
Responsible Staff: Beleyneh Hunde

Library and Documentation Service Directorate

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