Administrative and Student Service VP

The Office of the Vice President for Administrative and Student Services Affair is accountable to the President. It has duties and responsibilities that are connected with finance &budget, procurement, property administration, student services affairs management, facility and campus police peace & security management. In general, it administers, initiates and implements services that will enhance the mandates of the University.

According to the structure of the University, it has the following offices:

  • Vice president office,
  • Human Resource Administration and Development Directorate,
  •  Finance and Budget Administration Directorate,
  • Procurement Directorate,
  • General Service Directorate,
  • Student Service Directorate,
  • Property Administrative Directorate and
  • Campus Peace and Security office.

The office is performing its main activities through these directorates and offices.  In general, it has a mandate of administering university resources such as human, financial & property and managing all student services affairs and campus peace and security services. The office provide administrative, accounting, catering, dormitory services, health care of students, co-curricular activities, maintenance, facility management, property administration, and other services including coordinating and facilitating services that are needed by different departments of the university to discharge their duties and responsibilities in line with the main functions of the University.

Responsible Staff: Solomon Alemu (PhD)

Administrative and Student Service VP Contact Information