President Message

Bayisa Leta (PhD)

 Dear Visitors

Welcome to Ambo University

Ambo University’s motto “Better future through Knowledge and Wisdom!” extends to all levels of the university, including the leadership.  Ambo University is accessible and responsive to inquiries and exchanges with all sectors of the campus community. Openness and transparency are emphasized and positive and constructive discourse with the leadership of AU helps in moving the institution forward. Visitors to AU find the leaders of the institution friendly and curious about their experiences at AU and show Ethiopia’s famous hospitality to all newcomers on campus. We engage the broader campus community in a variety of ways, and it is not uncommon to see the top management engaging casually with students, faculty, foreign guests and staff. Through this, the cohesiveness of the campus community is strengthened, and a truly unique collaborative environment is created.

Bayisa Leta (PhD)
President of Ambo University