Ambo University Planning

The university’s planning and budget preparation, monitoring and evaluation directorate performs the services described below in a responsible, accountable and transparent manner by involving and raising awareness among the colleges, institutes, schools and directorates in the university.
1.1 The main functions of the Directorate
• Prepare, coordinate and manage the plan of the directorate;
• Prepare the short, medium and long term plans of the institution.
• Monitoring, supporting and evaluating the implementation of the institution’s plan.
1.2 Detailed tasks of the Directorate
Prepare, coordinate and manage the plan of the directorate;
• Plans, coordinates, directs the work of various work groups in the department, and makes decisions on issues that need to be decided.
• Monitors the work results of the work unit or work groups, evaluates them, takes corrective action, provides feedback, and submits a plan performance report to the head of the office;
• Studying the capacity gap of work groups and owners facilitates the situation where their capacity can be reached.
• Ensures the resources required for the directorate and working groups are met;
Prepare the short, medium and long term plans of the university.
• Generates ideas for police strategy and program packages and projects, improves document preparation and directs the work to distribute approved documents to relevant parties.
• Creates and revises work instructions, manuals, ordinances and statements that help the sector, and distributes the prepared documents to relevant parties.
• Prepares the office’s strategic and annual plan, supervises and coordinates monitoring and support, evaluation and feedback activities, and approves them by the supervisor.
• Establishes systems to make planning and reporting, evaluation and feedback operations effective and efficient;
• Notifies the approved budget for proper allocation to work units, monitors, evaluates, and gives feedback on performance.
• To make the work plan and execution of the institution and sector successful, attends the discussions and workshops with the relevant parties and takes necessary resources and puts them to use.
 Monitor, support and evaluate the implementation of the plan.
• Monitors, evaluates, and provides feedback on the planning and execution of the various departments of the office.
• When a budget transfer request is submitted, he examines the appropriateness and makes a recommendation to the superior officer and when he decides, he makes it effective.
• Liaises with governmental and non-governmental organizations regarding the work of the department.
• Provides professional advice and support services to the top management and respondent institutions regarding their work.
• Generates alternative solutions to problems that the office may encounter in the implementation of plans and budgets, and presents them to the superior, and when he decides, implements them.
• Compiles and disseminates best practices related to planning and evaluation;

Ambo University Planning Directorate Responsible Staff:
Shiferaw Demissie Alemu: Director
Education Level: MBA
Tel: +251- 112363692
Mobile: 09-34752302
Ambo University