Public Relation

Ambo University Public Relations Office plays a critical role in the university’s effort to meet its vision of becoming a “renowned university of choice in east Africa. The university relations is accountable to the university’s president and responsible for promoting strong and responsive relationships between Ambo University and the stakeholders it serves and for the overall positioning of the university with its many audiences. It plays a strategic role in raising the profile of the university locally, nationally and internationally. The office is also responsible for the development and implementation of plans which link the university in a proactive and focused way with its relevant stakeholders, internal and external to the university.

The Public Relation office carries out different activities, which focus on supporting the university in meeting its strategic objectives while building and strengthening the relationships between the university and the ma

Mission, Vision, Core values
Vision Statement

The Public Relation Office aspires to strategically link Ambo University with prominent worldwide universities becoming a renowned University of choice in eastern Africa.
Mission Statement 
Ambo University is dedicated to serve the Ethiopian society and the world in discovery, development and application of knowledge in wide range of disciplines. The university is committed to maintain and ensure the provision of quality, cost- effective, timely and need-based education at undergraduate and graduate levels; engage in research and knowledge transfer; con- duct short term trainings and consultancy; and offer community services in a professional and innovative manner so as to address the need of stakeholders.

The Core Values

The University values exemplary and distinguished performance in teaching, learning, research and community services and consultancy.
Diversity, tolerance and equity
The University upholds educational and work environment in which all individuals and cultures are celebrated and respected for their unique talents and insights irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion and physical and mental abilities, and ensures justice in all opportunities.
Gender equity
The University is committed to work hard toward achieving gender equity within the University and the society in general.

Honesty and integrity
The University practices honesty and integrity in which it conducts its academic works and models that is ideal for students, employees, and the community at large.
Transparency and accountability
The University promotes openness, and functions and upholds answerable to the authority and the public.

Community participation and empowerment
Ambo University actively engages the community in development activities and projects that benefit and enable them to make informed decisions on matters that influence their lives.
Collaboration and partnership
Ambo University is committed to work with other educational institutions, government and non- government agencies, industries, businesses and other groups to enhance the services it gives to the public.
Team spirit
Ambo University values a common commitment among its staffs and its students in achieving institutional goals. It promotes working collegially and cooperatively to enrich the work and social environment at the University.

Responsible Staff: Mengistu Tulu Balcha (PhD)

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    Main Campus
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