Research and Community Service Vice President

Research and Community Service VP

Ambo University is one of the oldest higher learning institutions in Ethiopia. Just like any higher learning institutions, the University has a core mandate for teaching, conducting research and providing community service and or transferring technologies to in the catchment areas of the University. Research and Community Service Vice president Office of the university in particular is responsible to coordinate research, community service/technology transfer, innovation, University-industry linkage and Publications and dissemination endeavors. Ambo ​University ​envisions ​becoming a ​renowned ​University of ​choice in ​eastern Africa. ​ Thus in order to achieve  part of this vision, the research, community service and technology transfer wing of the University is striving to capacitate and motivate academic staffs and students to get engaged ​in new knowledge generating and problem solving type of researches, offer community service by engaging the community development.

The University has established different research facilities including two Research centers: 1)Tulu korma and Bilo research center  and 2) Laureate Tsegaye G/Medihin research and cultural center for conducting agriculture related researches in the former research center and for language, culture and art related researches in the later. In addition two research center were also established for conducting researches in the area of human and animal health related and environmental researches. For community service delivery, the University has also established 5 free legal service centers organized under the free legal service directorate and serving thousands of the needy people in the community. The thematic areas for research are Food Security and Livelihood, Heath and Health deliverability, Environment and Climate Change, Relevance and Quality of Education, Social Justice and Democracy, Institutional Innovations and Management, Appropriate Technology adaptation and transfer, Bridging Science for Research and Development.

Research thematic areas are agriculture, animal health and natural resource management; environment, climate change and development; public-human health and biomedical sciences; natural and computational Sciences, Engineering, technology, energy and ICT; social sciences, education and laws; cross-cutting issues like food security, HIV/AIDS, gender, disabilities, population, unemployment and indigenous knowledge.

Research outputs are disseminated to the users by different methods including research conferences held at University level and at colleges/Institutes/school level, via workshops, publication on peer reviewed journals, symposiums and stakeholder meetings which is held at the end of each academic year. We use the stakeholder meeting not only for disseminating the research outputs, but also for identifying and prioritizing the real community problems that we work on during the next academic year or in the future.

Ambo University has been and still now working with various national and international governmental as well as non-governmental organizations in the area of student exchange, joint researches and developmental community service activities. Most of the externally funded research community service projects are coordinated centrally by research and community service vice president office.


Responsible Staff: Bizunesh Mideksa Borena (PhD)

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