Senate Members

Ambo University Senate Members:
⦁ The President
⦁ The Vice Presidents
⦁ Special assistant/advisor of the president
⦁ Chief Executive Director for the Referral Hospital and College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CED)
⦁ Deans of Colleges/Institutes/
⦁ Deans of Schools of Law and Graduate Studies
⦁ Executive Director for academic and research affairs of CMHS
⦁ Campus Directors
⦁ University Registrar
⦁ Director for Student Services (main campus)
⦁ Director for Research
⦁ Director for University-Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer
⦁ Director for Community Service
⦁ Director for Publication and Dissemination
⦁ Deliverology Unit Dean
⦁ Director for Academic Programs
⦁ Director for Education Quality Assurance and Audit
⦁ Director for Continuing and Distance Education
⦁ Director for University Relations and Alumni Management
⦁ Director for Information and Communication Technology
⦁ Director for Institutional Policy and Planning
⦁ Director for Reform and Good Governance
⦁ Director for Woman, Child and Youth Affairs
⦁ Director for University Library
⦁ Two senior academic staff members to be assigned by the President
⦁ Two representatives of University Teachers’ Association (preferably a male and a female)
⦁ Two representatives from the University Students’ Union (preferably a male and a Female)