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College of Medicine and Health Sciences was established in 2009 G.C, and in the 2010 G.C, accepted health sciences students in three programs, namely, Public Health (73 students), Pharmacy (55 students) and Nursing (56 students) with only six (6) instructors at that time. In March 2011 G.C, the college launched New Innovative Medical Education Initiative (NIMEI) program and accepted 75 students to train a Bachelor degree in Doctor of Medicine.

College of Medicine and Health Sciences of Ambo University has gone through a series of transformations since its establishment.  In the last decade, the college has witnessed tremendous expansion in terms of field of study. The college, apart from under-graduate programs, has been highly engaged in the expansion and diversification of graduate programs. Currently, the college is running different undergraduate programs under 10 departments: Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Anesthesia, Midwifery, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Public Heal

In its goal to assure the accessibility and equitability of Medicine and Health Sciences education, the college is striving to increase the number of post-graduate programs by opening Residency Programs (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, and Child Health, & Obstetrics and Gynecology), Master of Public Health in Nutrition, Master of Public Health in Health Service Management, Master of Science in Medicinal Chemistry, Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy, Master of Science in Medical Microbiology Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Medical Microbiology and PhD in Public Health.

To this date (June 2020), the college has 208 on-duty academic staff, among which more 50 are with the rank of Assistant Professor and above. 60% of them own a second degree (MSc/MPH/Specialty) and above. Besides, 111 academic staffs are on-study leave (i.e 32 masters, 23 PhD and 56 specialties). Similarly, the college has been developing its infrastructure capacity in the last decade. In addition to the Teaching Referral Hospital, the collage has skill laboratories (Nursing and Midwifery demonstration rooms, medicine skill laboratory) and Biomedical Science laboratories (Anatomy, Pharmacy, Medical laboratory science labs). In-advance, the college is fulfilling its responsibility in creating a healthy and productive society.

Accordingly, the college has established a COVID 19 testing laboratory which will have a crucial contribution in tackling the spread of COVID 19 in the public. The laboratory can also be used for molecular biology-related research activities.

The college has been actively involved in research and community services of health and health-related priority areas. A bunch of research findings has been communicated to the local and international communities through publication on peer-reviewed and reputable journals. Several research findings have used to address the real problems of the surrounding community. Furthermore, the college is working hard to increase the number, scope, and quality of research and community services.

The college also appreciates any help rendered from and ready to work with any interested individual, institution, or organization.

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Gemechis Tesso Kumburi (Chief Academic and Research Director)


Phone: +251-1-12609973

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