Education and Behavioral Science

Institute of Education and Behavioral Science

Institute of Education and Behavioural Sciences (IEBS) is one the leading Institutes in conducting teaching-learning, research and community service at Ambo University.

The IEBS has gone through different phases of transformations.

Primarily it was established in 2006 (1998 E.C.) as the department of Pedagogical Science and Educational Leadership and following the structural reform through Business Process Reengineering (BPR), the department was upgraded to the Institute of Education and Professional Studies in 2009 (2002 E.C.) and came to the current Institute of Education and Behavioural Science in 2014 (2007 E.C.).

Accordingly, the ‘mother department’ in the foundation of IEBS; the Department of Pedagogical Science and Educational Leadership changed to its recent name Department of Educational Planning and Management/EdPM/ since 2009 (2002 E.C.).

VISION OF IEBSThe Institute has the vision of becoming the center of “EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION” in the country.


  • Providing high quality education & training and producing high quality trained professionals,
  • Conducting problem solving researches, and
  • Providing demand-driven community services and professional trainings


  • Knowledgeable, skilled, attitudinally matured and qualified professionals in Education and Behavioral Sciences produced,
  • Primary & secondary schools and higher education institutions teachers and instructors obtained professional trainings.
  • Solved societal problems through researches and community services.

IEBS STAFF PROFILE: IEBS is among the strong Institutes in Ambo University in its academic staff composition and profile. The institute is equipped with young as well as experienced academic staff and researchers. The Institute is currently composed of more than 63 full time academic staff members, of which 51 are male and 15 are female. Regarding their academic rank:, 2 associate professors, 9 assistant professors, 41 lecturers, 10 graduate assistant and 1 technical assistant have been working in the institute. The institute also holds 9 administrative staff members.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMS OFFERED at IEBSThe Institute currently enrolls students at undergraduate as well as postgraduate (Master’s degree) levels.  IEBS is currently running 6 (six) undergraduate programs and 9 (nine) Postgraduate Programs.


  1. Educational Planning and Management;
  2. Adult Education and Community Development;
  3. Psychology;
  4. Early Childhood Care and Education;
  5. Teacher Education; and
  6. Special Needs and Inclusive Education.


  1. Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  2. Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Management
  3. Master’s Degree in Special Needs and Inclusive Education
  4. Master’s Degree in Social Psychology
  5. Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology
  6. Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Teachers’ Professional Development
  7. Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT)
  8. Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership (PGDSL)
  9. Postgraduate Certificate in Primary School Supervision (PGCPSS)
  10. Higher Diploma Program (HDP)

FUTURE PLANSIn addition to the above academic programs, in the near future, the Institute has planned to launch more postgraduate programs (PhD in Psychology, PhD in Special Needs/Inclusive Education, MA in Adult Education and Community Development, MA in Developmental Psychology, MA in Counseling Psychology and MA in Early Childhood Care and Education).

RESEARCH CULTURE at IEBS: The institute has maintained a good culture of conducting various problem solving educational and behavioral science researches and disseminating the results through various means including workshops/conferences and publications.


The IEBS of Ambo University hosted more than four Workshops/Conferences at national levels in the field of Special needs, Education, Psychology and others. Some of the Workshops/Conferences in the last three years include:

  1. Awareness Raising Workshop on Disability. Organized By IEBS, AU, April 29, 2015.
  2. International Day Of Persons With Disabilities “Inclusion Matters: Access And Empowerment For People Of All Abilities” Organized By Department of Special Needs & Inclusive Education, IEBS, AU, December 3, 2015.
  3. International Day of Person with Disabilities “Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want!!” Organized By Department of Special Needs & Inclusive Education, IEBS, AU, January 2017.
  4. National Mental Health Workshop: “Psychological & Mental Health First Aid for All” Organized By Department of Psychology, IEBS, AU, June 12, 2017

MAJOR TRAINING DELIVERD by IEBS: The institute is providing capacity building training for Educational Leaders, Supervisors, Teachers and Students at different levels including Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary schools, TVET, Adult Training Centers and in other Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations in the area of Educational Planning and Management; Adult Education and Community Development; Psychology; Teacher Education; Early Childhood Care and Education; and Special Needs/Inclusive Education. Some of the major Training packages commonly delivered by IEBS include:-

  1. Induction Training for newly employed teachers
  2. Pedagogical training
  3. Professional Learning Community training
  4. Cooperative learning training
  5. Higher Diploma training
  6. Life skill training
  7. Academic Writing Skill training

INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES AND FACILITIES-The IEBS has an Academic Development and Resource Center (ADRC) that serves as ICT center, Library, reading and panel discussion room for all staff and students.

COLLABORATION-In order to strengthen the academic programs, the IEBS is working with Ministry of Education, Regional Education Bureaus, Regional Governments, NGOs, and Universities in Ethiopia and in abroad. In addition, IEBS welcomes any institution that wants to work with us for mutual benefits in teaching and learning, research, and community service to share knowledge & skills.

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