College of Natural & Computational Science Third Round MSc Thesis Defense Schedule Day: June 25‒26/ 2020 G.C

  • October 20, 2020 - 11:00
  • Ambo University, Ethiopia

College of Natural & Computational Science

College of Natural & Computational Science Third Round MSc Thesis Defense Schedule Day: June 25‒26/ 2020 G.C

Department of Biology

Program: Microbiology

  1. Title: Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of the Crude Extracts of Ocimum Gratissimum Leaves and Roots Against some Human Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi. By Berhanu Furgasa. Date & Time: 25/06/2020 @ 9:00-10:10
  2. Title: Prevalence, Associated Risk Factors, and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of Non-Typhoidal Salmonella Isolated from Cow Milk and Milk Products in Ambo, Bako and Holeta Towns, Oromia, Ethiopia. By Tesfaye Derarsa Date & Time: 25/06/2020 @ 10:20-11:30
  3. Title: Evaluation of Moringa Oleifera Leaves and Stems Bark Crude Extract for Controlling of Potato Wilt Caused by Fusarium Species. By: Gemechis Kinati Date & Time: 25/06/2020 @ 2:00-3:10
  4. Title: Assessment and Evaluation of Biogas Yield of Solid Organic Wastes by Anaerobic Digestion in Main Campus of Ambo University By Worku Dereje Date & Time: 25/06/2020 @ 3:20-4:30
  5. Title: Phenotypic and Symbiotic Characteristics of Cross-Nodulating Rhizobia of Highland Leguminous Crops From Western Shoa (Dendi) By Rikita Merdasa Date & Time: 26/06/2020 @ 9:00-10:10
  6. Title: Isolation and Characterization of Pigment Producing Bacteria from Rhizosphere of some Trees in Main Campus of Ambo University By Zenebu Haile   Date & Time:  26/06/2020 @ 10:20-11:30

Program: Environmental Science

  1. Title: Evaluation of Cement Industry Air Pollutants Emission Level and their Environmental Impact: The Case of Habesha Cement Factory, Holeta Ethiopia By: Adey Tintag Date & Time:  25/06/2020 9:00-10:10
  2. Title: Assessment of Environmental and Economic Impacts of Dangote Cement Factory on the Surrounding Community. By: Ararso Waktola Date & Time:  25/06/2020 10:20-11:30
  3. Title: Household Solid Waste Characterization, Generation Rate and Management Practice in Sebeta City Administration, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia By: Birhanu Yazachew Deressa Date & Time:  25/06/2020 11:40-12:50
  4. Title: Effect of Coffee Management Practices on Woody Species Diversity in Akakili Forest, Kelem Wollega,Western Ethiopia By: Tsehay Tufa Date & Time:  25/06/2020 2:00-3:10
  5. Title: Factors Affecting Participatory Forest Management: The Case of Dangab Forest in Western Ethiopia By: Hundaol Abera Date & Time:  25/06/2020 3:20-4:30
  6. Title: The Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Changes on Ecosystem Service Values of Chato Forest, Oromiya Region, Western Ethiopia By: Dereje Gerba Date & Time:  26/06/2020 9:00-10:10
  7. Title: Assessment of Land Use Land Cover (Lulc) Change and It’S Drivers; In the Case of  Jimma Rare District, Horo Guduru Wollega Zone,  Western Oromia, Ethiopia By: Gamachu Wayesa Date & Time: 26/06/2020 10:20-11:30  

Department of Chemistry

Program: Analytical Chemistry

  1. Study on the use of Acanthus Pubescens Flower Extract as Natural pH Indicator Extract for Acid-Base Titration By: Enawgaw Bantayehu Date & Time: 25/06/2020 9:00-10:10
  2. Determination of some Physicochemical Properties and Metals of Stream Water Hine and Iyasu in Dire Enchine and Gura in Liban Jawe Wereda, OromiaRegional State Ethiopia By: Kefena Amena  Date & Time: 25/06/2020 10:20-11:30
  3. Determination of some Essential and Non-Essential Metals in Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum Mill), Soil and Irrigation Water Samples Cultivated in West Shewa Zone (Toke Kutaye and Bako Tibe), Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia By: Daniel Debeli Date & Time: 25/06/202011:40-12:50
  4. Physicochemical Characteristics and Levels of Selected Heavy Metals in Drinking Water Samples from Bake Kalate Town of Abuna Gindeberet District, West Shoa Zone, Ethiopia By: Abdeta Leta Date & Time:  25/06/2020 2:00-3:10
  5. Assessment of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Selected Heavy Metals of Spring Water in Dengze Keble Muhor Na Aklil Woreda, Gurage Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia By: Ashenafi Kolicha Date & Time: 25/06/2020 3:20-4:30
  6. Physicochemical Characteristics and Leves of Selected Heavy Metals In Surface Soil Samples from Garages in Adama City, Central Ethiopia By: Megera Legesse Date & Time: 26/06/2020 9:00-10:10
  7. Physicochemical Characterization and Determination of Selected Metals in Soil, Vegetables and Irrigation Water from Dellena River in Danno Woreda of West Shewa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia By: Shimelis Girma Date & Time: 26/06/2020 10:20-11:30
  8. Determination of Heavy Metals in Cement Dust, Topsoil and Teff around Habesha and Mugher Cement Factory, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia By: Tsehay Fikadu Date & Time: 26/06/2020 11:40-12:50
  9. Comparative Determination of Caffeine in Wild and Cultivated Coffee Beans from Bale Zone, Oromia Regional State, Using Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer By Teklit Welu Date & Time: 26/06/2020 2:00-3:10
  10. Determination of Levels of Heavy Metals in Cereal Crops (Teff and Maize) Cultivated along the Main Road in Selected Districts of West Shewa Zone, Ethiopia By: Desse Kumesa Date & Time: 26/06/2020 3:20-4:30

Department of Mathematics

  1. Non-Linear Convective Flow of Couple Stress Nanofluid with High Order Slip Flow,Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux Model and Convective Heat and Mass Transfer By: Abebe Tesfaye Date & Time: 25/06/2020 9:00-10:10
  2. Analysis of Flow of Visco-Elastic Nano-Fluid With Third Order Slip Flow Condition, Cattaneo-Christov Heat and Mass Diffusion Model By: Alemu Desale Date & Time: 25/06/2020 10:20-11:30
  3. Hurwitz’s Zeta Function of Complex Variable By: Feyera Kuma  Date & Time: 25/06/2020 11:40-12:50
  4. Haar Wavelet Method for Eigenvalue Problem of Partial Differential Equations By: Abreham Deboch  Date & Time: 25/06/2020 2:00-3:10
  5. Three Dimensional Haar Wavelet Method Solution of Three Dimensional Wave Equation By: Husen Sultan Date & Time: 25/06/2020 3:20-4:30
  6. Solving Partial Differential Equations of Fractional  Order using Adomain Decomposition Method By: Nigus Beyene Date & Time: 26/06/2020 9:00-10:10
  7. Hankel Transformation to Initial and Boundary Value Problems of Linear Partial Differential Equations By: Temesgen Yigazu Date & Time: 26/06/2020 10:20-11:30
  8. Newton Kantorovich Method of Solving Non-Linear Partial By: Abate Berhanu Date & Time: 26/06/2020 2:00-3:10
  9. Homotopy Analysis Method for Solving Integral and Integro-Differntial Equation and Fuzzy Integro-Differential Equation By: Kindalem Tilahun  Date & Time: 26/06/2020 3:20-4:30

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  • Start Date:October 20, 2020
  • Start Time:11:00
  • End Date:October 27, 2023
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  • Number of Participants:200
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